Hugh T. Harrington

More Milledgeville Memories

About the book

With More Milledgeville Memories Hugh Harrington, author of the successful Remembering Milledgeville and Civil War Milledgeville, completes his trilogy of books highlighting little known aspects of Milledgeville's history. In this volume he revives his special flair for presenting a history that is fascinating to historians and anyone who simply enjoys a good story. Specializing in forgotten incidents and people the selection includes the Civil War, unusual murders as well as humorous tales such as the adventure of the Three Eyed Man. Undoubtedly, fans of Harrington's writings will not be disappointed.

Table of Contents

  • A Most Bizarre Investment
  • The Lady's Honor and an Early Grave
  • The Three-Eyed Man
  • He Was Hanged for Murder; Was He Innocent?
  • Thomas Johnson: Man of Many Wives
  • The Assassination of Abner Zachry
  • Immodest Young Women on Public Exhibition
  • The Axe Murder of Smithy Leonard
  • A Unionist in Georgia
  • Secret Marriages
  • Henry Denison: Lost Poet of Milledgeville
  • The Asylum Rifle Team
  • The Drunken Duel
  • Sam Jemison, the Wild Child
  • The Irrepressible General D.H. Hill
  • Dr. Lyell's Big Gully
  • The Cold Water Cure
  • "Insane" Actor Murders; Was He Performing?
  • The Perils of Purloined Firewood
  • Their Honor Could Only Be Restored Through Bloodshed
  • Moonshine and Murder
  • Mary Mapp's Revolutionary Dough Raiser
  • Let There Be Light
  • The Sacking of Westover Plantation
  • The Worst Christmas Milledgeville Ever Had
  • Breaking the Chains of Legend
  • Milledgeville Tunnel is Found

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