Hugh T. Harrington

Remembering Milledgeville: Historic Tales from Georgia's Antebellum Capital

[From the book's back cover] With an eye for history and the unusual, Hugh leads visitor and local alike through the fascinating and often bizarre stories of this quintessential Southern town. Whether it is the battle for a bridge, the loss of life and limb by cannon fire or the efforts of the community to fight a fire and save the old state house, readers will not want to stop turning the pages of this sure-to-be classic.

Hugh’s "'Round and About” column has appeared in The Baldwin Bulletin over one hundred times. His work appeared in Georgia Backroads, Georgia Historical Quarterly, America’s Civil War, Muzzle Blasts and other magazines. He lives with his wife in Gainesville, Georgia.

Table of Contents

  • Dr. John Ruggles Cotting: More Than Just a "Former State of Georgia Geologist"
  • Buffalo Soldiers in Memory Hill Cemetery
  • The Strange Imprisonment of Thomas Fair
  • Tomlinson Fort and Milledgeville's Smallpox Epidemic of 1835
  • Wilkinson-A Street Named for a Scoundrel
  • The Convicted Murderer and the Georgia Legislature
  • The Sculpture by Robert E. Launitz
  • Ty Cobb in Milledgeville
  • The Great Earthquake of 1886
  • President McKinley's Visit to Milledgeville
  • The History of Parson Weems
  • A Tornado Almost Destroys Milledgeville in 1875
  • Abner Hammond-The Man with Two Graves
  • "The Stars Are Falling!"-Milledgeville Witnesses the Great Meteor Shower of 1833
  • Abner Hammond's Fight with Governor John Clark
  • Chatham Street
  • Thomas Petters Carnes-Revolutionary War Soldier
  • Georgia Normal and Industrial College's Forgotten Tragedy
  • Two Memory Hill Mysteries
  • Cannons Can Be Dangerous
  • "I Have Seen the Giraffe!"
  • Lincoln Street Montgomery Street
  • Stories behind the Zinc Tombstone of John Sherrod Thomas
  • Medieval Knights Vie for Love and Beauty in Milledgeville
  • The Old Capitol Base Ball Club of 1871
  • Milledgeville's First Velocipede
  • Milledgeville's First Museum
  • Cause of Death: Teething!
  • The Spectacular Sunsets of 1883
  • Animals on the Streets
  • Echoes of Lafayette's Visit to Milledgeville
  • Jett Thomas' Unique Dying Proposition
  • Mad Dog!
  • The Dramatic End to the Life of Henry Byrom, Gambler
  • Old Jim
  • The Presidential Candidate from Milledgeville
  • Hillsborough-Baldwin County's First Courthouse
  • The Great Rooster Rip-Off of 1903
  • The Ladies Artillery Company of Jefferson Street
  • Joanna Troutman and the Flag of Texas
  • The Battle of the Baldwin-Putnam Bridge
  • Benjamin Talbert-Revolutionary Soldier
  • Dr. B.J. Simmons
  • The Murder of Lemuel Smith
  • The Murder of Lewis H. Kenan
  • General Anthony Wayne Reminds Us That History is Not Boring
  • General Nathanael Greene's Hat
  • Flying Over Milledgeville, 1877 Style
  • The Gwinnett-McIntosh Duel
  • The Voodoo Murders
  • Get Your Head Examined
  • Old Milledgeville
  • Lamar Myth Replaced with Fact
  • A Cure for the Common Scold
  • Milledgeville Reading Room
  • Salubrious Milledgeville . . . Or Is It?
  • The Killing of Deputy Marshal Charles Haygood
  • Dixie Haygood and the Magic of Her Annie Abbott Act
  • The Expulsion of Henry E. Kreutz
  • Major General Joseph Warren's Teeth
  • A Case of Bigamy
  • The Mysterious Duel of James Spalding
  • The Harris-Sanford Murder
  • The State House Fire of 1833
  • Husband Illegally Puts His Wife in Asylum
  • Treating a Scalped Head
  • Never Pull an Arrow Out of a Body
  • George Washington's First Crisis As Commanding General
  • Index

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Remembering Milledgeville

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