Hugh T. Harrington

Sherlock Holmes

Hugh has always had a fascination with the Sherlock Holmes stories. This led to many articles and analyses, some serious, some humorous. He was honored to be invited to be a Baker Street Irregular (membership — in contrast to the custom for practically all other Sherlockian societies — is by invitation only). He was also involved in the scion societies of The Giant Rats of Massillon and The Inverness Capers of Akron, when he lived in Ohio.

Publications involving Sherlock Holmes

  • Re: Sherlock, A Collection of Observations and Commentaries. Canada: George A. Vanderburgh (To purchase, contact e-mail:, Publisher. 2005.
  • "Profile of a Scionist: Clifton R. Andrew," Chapter Seven in Irregular Proceedings of the Mid 'Forties, edited by Jon Lellenberg. Published in 1995 by Fordham University Press.
  • Harrington's Canonical Index, 1988, a 133 page index-concordance of the Doubleday one volume edition of The Complete Sherlock Holmes. This research tool received favorable reviews in The Baker Street Journal and Baker Street Miscellanea. It is arguably the best index of its kind.
  • "A Family Matter Was Holmes's Research (My Ancestors Were Country Squires)" Canadian Holmes, St. Jean Baptiste Day 1987
  • "Why We Return Again to Sherlock Holmes," Canadian Holmes, Lady Day 1988
  • "Sir Arthur Conan Doyle As Colourman," Canadian Holmes, Lady Day 1989
  • "With Five Volumes You Could Just Fill That Gap," Quarterly Statement, August 1989
  • "Sherlock Holmes and the Kohlberg Theory of Moral Development," Tails of the Giant Rats, 1990
  • "The Sherlockian's Wife" in Tails of the Giant Rats, 1990, and in Wheelwrightings, May 1990
  • "Stapleton's Solution," Sherlock Holmes Journal, Vol. 21, No. 2, Summer 1993
  • "The Eyes of Sherlock Holmes," Baker Street Miscellanea, No. 72, Winter 1992
  • "Battle Between Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle," Wheelwrightings, May 1990
  • "On the Eye Color of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Characters," ACD - The Journal of the Arthur Conan Doyle Society, Spring 1991
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  • "A Curiously Reptilian Fashion" Plugs & Dottles, April 1991
  • "Her Violet Eyes Shining" Plugs & Dottles, May 1991
  • "Some Strange Facts About the Tale of the Dancing Men," Plugs & Dottles, August 1991
  • "The Date of Malplaquet," Plugs & Dottles, September 1991
  • "Insurance in the Canon with Robert N. Brodie," BSI, Baker Street Journal, September 1992
  • " The Adventure of the Unidentified Picture," Baron Gruner's Diary, October 1992
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  • "Colonel Spence Munro," Plugs & Dottles, October 1994
  • "Watson, you are a British Jury," with Debi Pollard, Canadian Holmes, summer 1997.
  • "Touched by Sherlock Holmes," The Holmes Front, July 1999.
  • "I shook the Hand of Holmes," The Holmes Front, October 1999.

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